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Taste Notes - Passionfruit, Mango, Sweet Caramel

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Gedio, Yirgacheffe


Abiyot Ageze, Aricha Kebele Drying Station


JARC 74110 & 74112

Proc. Method

Anaerobic Natural


1950–2300 masl


With Abiyot Ageze knowing the history of Yirgacheffe and the quality potential for coffee here, he knew where to buy and build processing sites in some of the best areas. Abiyot operates two washing stations that are located in the kebeles (communities) of Konga and Halo Beriti, and he also has a site dedicated to natural coffee processing near the kebele of Aricha. 

Outlier is defined as: an extreme deviation from the mean. This rare lot embodies that definition to the absolute highest degree in its rarity. Each cherry was handpicked from the forests of the Aricha Kebele. Cherries are then evaluated based on their several key factors: color, ripeness and density. The cherries are floated to remove any cherries designated as "floaters" to ensure only the cherries with the highest concentration of fruit mucilage and the highest degree of successful maturation has been achieved in both the fruit and cherry seed to also assure the removal of inferior or hollow seeds and defects. Once the cherries have been separated and selected, 140 kg of cherry is loaded and placed in the fermentation tanks and kept sealed for 3-5 days. During fermentation the objective is to balance the conversion of sugars present in the cherry mucilage to alcohol without the presence of nitrogen or oxygen in the fermentation tank to control the coffees ph. Following the initial fermentation, the cherries are then placed on raised drying beds to rest 16-21 days. The first two days of drying are critical to the evolution and development of the coffee. The cherries are rotated by hand every hour for the first two days during the drying period to avoid uneven drying and consistent exposure to air and sunlight